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What We Seal

We Seal It seals and fills gaps and cracks in your home before scorpions and other pests can enter. Sealing can be performed during each phase of the home building process, or after. This sealing procedure drastically reduces pest infestation.

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Find out how we prevent pests & scorpions from entering your home – without chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I seal my house?

  • Desert Proofing your home will prevent rodents from entering your home as well as drastically reduce scorpion & other pest’s infestation.
  • Your home will become more energy efficient

3) Do I still have to have monthly pesticide treatments?
It is always good to have a pest control service in addition to sealing your home. This is important for homes in the Arizona desert, especially during the summer months.

5) How long will it take to have my home completely sealed?
Existing homes: 1500 sq. ft. – 2000 sq. ft. approximately 5-6 hours 2000 sq. ft.- 2500 sq. ft. approximately 6-7 hours

7) Are there any chemicals involved when sealing a house?
No. We are not a pest control company. We don’t use chemicals. Our process is safe and non-toxic. We specialize in sealing cracks and voids in your home.

2) How effective is home sealing?
Over the last 23+ years, ‘We Seal It’ home sealing, Desert Proofing technique has proven to be 90%-95% effective in reducing infestation.

4) What part of my home will be sealed?
We specialize in sealing both interior & exterior areas in your home. See the ‘areas to be sealed’ located on this website for more detailed information.

6) How long will the sealing last?
We use a latex base silicone caulking on the exterior base of your home. The exterior caulking we use comes with a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty. Due to normal wear and tear, the only areas that may need touching up after a time would be the exterior doors.

8) Does We Seal It offer any warranty?

  • We Seal It has three parts to the warranty
  • Three year limited warranty on exterior workmanship
  • One year warranty on exterior doors
  • One free visit
  • Warranty is non transferable

We live in a newly developed area in Fountain Hills. We would find 2-3 scorpions each week in our home. We had our home desert-proofed by WE SEAL IT over one year ago and have yet to find another scorpion!"
– DY, Fountain Hills, AZ

"After shopping around for home sealing companies we found WE SEAL IT. David was courteous, on time, and did a great job. It has been almost two years and the crickets & mice have never returned!"
– Dr. T, Cave Creek, AZ

"We were seeing several scorpions a in the bed. Had the house sealed by Dave Barrera owner of We Seal It. 602-291-2014...was half the price of the other company with the fancy website...much nicer person too. Had it done in July of 22. Two weeks after we saw two scorpions...just as Dave said we would. They were the ones trapped in the house. Have not seen any since other bugs either."
– C.B., on

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